Please Read Policies and agree to terms before placing your orders


  • It is the customer’s responsibility to read our FAQ and order guidelines before placing your orders. You can find a Link to our FAQ on the bottom of all pages of our web site.



  • All of our orders online are a subscription based for 2 Different Pickup days. Any subscription can be paused or canceled at any time before the deadlines. 
  • Pickup days are ( Sunday/ Wednesday) 
  •  (1. Sunday pickup //- meals for  Monday – Wednesday)
  • (2. Wednesday pickup // - meals for Thursday – Friday or Saturday 

Placing your orders

  • we recommend any Customers wanting more than 4 days of meals to split their orders accordingly on the 2 different pickup days. This will ensure that you are getting only the freshest meals possible. 



  • Delivery Days ( Meals are Ready for Pickup Sunday Open to close at our pickup locations and Wednesday no later than 5PM)



  • Evolve Nutrition Meal Prep is not Responsible for any meals left in the cooler by the next pickup Day. We will not Refund any meals that were failed to be pickup up by the Delivery day. Any meals left in the Fridge by the next Delivery day will be taken out and disposed of properly.



- Reoccurring billing occurs every Tuesday at 10 PM and Friday at 10PM for the upcoming delivery day. Once your subscription has been billed no REFUNDS WILL BE MADE. You can cancel your subscription at any time before the 10PM billing. 


  • If you need to pause your Auto Subscription click manage subscriptions  on your Evolve Meal Prep account. Here you can select the day you want the auto renewal paused or even cancel the account. 

You can also Reach us at Evolvemealprep@gmail.com if you have any questions regarding our services. 




Evolve Meal Prep LLC (Evolve Nutrition Meal Prep) is not a doctor or registered dietitian. The contents of this document should not be taken as medical advice. It is not intended to treat, diagnose, cure, or prevent any health Issues - nor is it intended to replace the advice of a physician. Always consult your physician or qualified health professional on any matters regarding your health. By participating in this program, you are agreeing to accept full responsibility for your actions. All documents included or exchanged between Evolve Meal Prep LLC (Evolve Nutrition Meal Prep) and the Client are that of Evolve Meal Prep LLC (Evolve Nutrition Meal Prep) and not to be copied, sold, or redistributed without consent of Evolve Meal Prep LLC (Evolve Nutrition Meal Prep).

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