How do I order with Evolve Nutrition Meal Prep ?

There is a no minimum order. You subscribe as a free member paying as you go week to week. you can pause or cancel your account at any time before the deadlines Monday at 10pm, Thursday at 10PM 

    How does the New system work?

    Each week we will send you a reminder notifications of any upcoming orders with a link attached to access your personal account on your smart phone. Once redirected to your personal account you can choose to pause/cancel or modify any orders 

    How do I track my calories with Evolve Nutrition meals?

    All meals will have a barcode that can be scanned in on the free smart phone app MyfitnessPal. 

    What is the shelf life of an Evolve Nutrition meal?

    Our meals are made from only the freshest ingredients prepared and cooked a day prior deliver. Once you receive our meals, they will stay good for 4 days ONLY IF refrigerated. You can also put them in your freezer and they can remain good for up to 2 weeks.

    How long should I Microwave up my meals?

    We recommend heating each meal in the microwave for 60- 90 seconds. 

    If there is a condiment sauce, be sure to remove before heating.  


    What happens if I receive a wrong order?

    In the unlikely event that you receive the wrong order, simply contact Evolve Nutrition MP and we will get your issue resolved and get new meals to you on the following cook day.  


    How am I billed if I subscribe for a meal plan subscription?

    You are billed electronically by our automated system. This happens twice a week on Monday at 10PM and Thursday at 10PM for the upcoming food service. All meals are prepaid.

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