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Meal Packages

lifestyle performance

Geared towards High performance Athletes seeking more calories for energy to sustain vigorous exercise.

35-40 Grams of Protein​

Double Carbs​

Single serving Vegetable​

average of 400 Calories

Lean down

Portion Control: Focuses on using lower Glycemic carb sources to control blood sugar levels control your appetite. We also have a Keto Option as well for a more aggressive fat loss. 

20-25 Grams of Protein ​

20-25 Grams Carbs​

single serving vegetables​

Average of 300 Calories

Lifestyle Bulk

Our Most Calorie Dense meals for big eaters or those looking to pack on Muscle mass. 

45-55 Grams of Protein​

Triple Carbs​

Single serving Vegetable​

Average of 600 Calories

chef Angel PENA

Our chef and co-owner Angel Pena has had plenty of experience in the kitchen and isn't just a healthy food fanatic. Angel has cooked at Sterlings in Richland for over
12 years, so healthy meal prep is not new to him. Angel is determined to help people achieve their fitness goals with his delicious recipes. Angel thinks healthy foods shouldn't be simple or bland. 


Antonio serna

Co-owner and Certified Personal Trainer and online macro coach.



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